Can You Grill And Smoke Meat With Pine Wood?

Can you grill and smoke meat with pine wood? This is a question that inexperienced pit masters might have but I think that’s the wrong question. It should be should you use pine wood for smoking meat? The answer to that is most definitely no. Keep reading to learn more!

You should always stick to hardwoods for your barbecue or smoker. Softwoods like pine contain lots of resin or sap which can at least make your food taste bitter and at worst could make you and your guests ill.

While there are many different types of wood you can use to smoke meat you really should avoid species like Cedar and pine.

What is pinewood and where does it come from?

Pinewood is a type of softwood that comes from pine trees. Pine trees are evergreen coniferous trees that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. There are many different types of pine trees, but the most common type of pine tree used for pinewood is the Scots pine. In the US the three most common types of pine are:

  • eastern white pine
  • southern yellow pine
  • ponderosa pine

Pine is used for all sorts of different purposes including furniture, decking and various uses in the building trade.

Like all conifers, it is resinous and is therefore not suitable for cooking. Pine resin contains terpenes which will make your food taste awful and may make you sick. When used as a fuel it is likely to give off black smoke so you should avoid using it for smoking and grilling.

Best Species Of Wood For Your Smoker Or Grill

It is best to use a species of hardwood if you are thinking of cooking. The following types of wood are recommended:

  • Hickory wood
  • Apple wood
  • Mesquite wood
  • Oak wood
  • Cherry wood

The rule of thumb to follow is any tree that produces fruit or nuts is likely to give good results. Avoid evergreens like Spruce, Cedar and the various types of fir tree. The type of wood used for grilling or smoking meat can have a great effect on the flavor of your food. For red meat, hickory and mesquite are great choices to use for smoking. Some people like to use species like Eucalyptus.

It’s also important to use wood that has been properly seasoned if you want the best results. Only use wood that has been dried out.

Can You Grill and Smoke Meat With Pine Wood: Conclusion

Can you grill and smoke meat with pine wood? The answer is a resounding yes. In this post, we’ve outlined the benefits of using pinewood as well as how to use it in your smoker or grill. We’ve also included some recipes for smoked meats that will make your taste buds jump for joy. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start smoking up a storm!

Types of wood for smoking

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can you grill with pine wood?

No, although pine is a popular choice for firewood it is not suitable as a fuel for your smoker or grill. It will tend to produce sooty, black smoke that will ruin your bbq meat.

Can you smoke meat with pine wood?

No, pine is not a good choice as a smoking wood. It will be quite smoky and more importantly, pine resin contains terpenes which will give you food a horrible taste and possibly make you ill.

Does pine wood impart a flavor to meat?

Pinewood imparts a nasty flavor to meat which might make your diners ill. It is definitely not the best wood for smoking. Stick to hardwoods like hickory or Cherry.

How much smoke does pine wood produce?

Pinewood usually produces a lot of smoke. However, due to the resin in pine, you should not use it for smoking or grilling food.

Does pine wood burn quickly?

Pine burns quickly, so you are likely to use more of it. However, you should avoid using softwoods like pine for smoking meat as it could make people sick. Mesquite and hickory are two types of woods that are more suitable for smoking.

Should I use pine cones for smoking or grilling?

While some people might use them in an effort to get their fire going most people recommend avoiding using pinecones for the same reason you wouldn’t use pine. It will likely give your meat a bitter flavor.

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